A few weeks ago, a fake WordPress blog post was put up under my name. It was an inspired parody, and embarrassingly I have since received a number of compliments for it. Unfortunately, though, I can’t rely on others to document all the interesting and clever things I have to say forever.

As a result, I have decided to start a real blog.

It’s going to be based around films. These films might be from any time period (though I would imagine they will tend to the years from about 1990-2010 and will likely NOT include any superhero movies, and very few remakes or sequels). This is because films are what I know about, films are what I am interested in, and (most of all) films are what I think I can write about with enough authority that someone else might be interested in reading my posts.

A quick disclaimer, however: this is entirely for my own enjoyment. It is, arguably, just a record of what I think of films myself. Whilst I will write with an awareness that people might come across this and read it, these are not formal reviews of movies. They’re thoughts, as they come to me.

If it matters, I’m 22 and I live in the UK. More importantly, the films that I like tend to be either very stylized (think Spring Breakers or The Darjeeling Limited) or super-naturalistic (Hunger, Lost in Translation, or Des hommes et des dieux). I see mainstream film as essentially a lot of different tropes mixed up in different combinations. So, you might get a lot of characters in a film that are types, and situations that are very recognizable as somehow cinematic, but what interests me is the way people can combine these tropes in new and surprising combinations.

I go to the cinema quite a lot, but I spend many, many more hours watching older films on second-hand DVDs, and hence this blog will rarely feature a review of the latestAvengers movie, for example, but might feature my random thoughts on Bottle Rocketor The Hunt for Red October. It pretty much depends what I am interested in at any one point. There will be spoilers.

And so, without further ado…